Dysfunctional DnD

Dysfunctional D&D ||
A new and slightly frayed Dungeon Master finds a great challenge in introducing D&D to family members.
( 15 minutes - 6 meg .mp3 )

Who's Arathi?

Who's On First? ||
The classic Abbott and Costello routine, re-fitted for PVP in "World of Warcraft"
( 6 min. 38 seconds - 3.8 meg .mp3 )

 Space Combat!

Commercial spot for "Does My Geek Look Big In This?" ||
A seven minute space battle scene.
High adventure among the stars as a surly Captain tries to recover his recording of a very special podcast.

 Tale of the Samurai

Tale of the Samurai ||
Written in a "Bard" style, this story is about a true warrior
who demonstrates what "elegant victory" means.
( 3 min. 48 seconds - 1.65 meg .mp3 )

A Winter Veil Tale

Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" || ( Adapted to "World of Warcraft" )
Yes! I adapted the WHOLE story. This sucker is an hour and twenty minutes!
It was produced by "Auntie Ed" of FOR THE HORDE RADIO and performed by the F.T.H. Radio Staff.
The main character ( Scrooge-Like ) was performed by her co-host at the time "Big V".
I'm VERY proud of the 70 plus hours of work my wife did in post-production to turn it into a very fine work of Audio Art!
Do you Love "A Christmas Carol"?
Have you played WOW? Then this is well worth a listen!
( 1 hour and 21 minutes )

A Couple of Characters - Non Player

A Couple 'O Characters - Non Player ||
What do the NPC's in MMO's talk about when you're not looking?*
( 7 min. 39 seconds - 3.6 meg .mp3 )
* If you don't know what NPC or MMO stand for, you will not find this funny.

 HAMLET De-Railed

Hamlet De-Railed || The "Story Fixer" jumps into the fiction multiverse and nips this tragedy in the bud.
Hamlet's Father remains un-ghosted and Claudius gets a swift kick in the groin.
( 7 minutes 19 seconds - 2.93 meg .mp3 )

 All's Well That Ends Well - Bystander account.

All's Well Cellular Hell ||
A disgruntled suitor vents to his friend, filling him in on the details of Helena and Bertram.
All's well if it ends well. But it sure didn't end well for this jealous, foul-mouthed bystander.
Strange anachronism underlying all of it.
I recorded the whole thing while driving home from work. Sue me.
( 21 minutes - 4.73 meg .mp3 )

 The Paginator 2000!

The Paginator 2000 ! ||
". . .Aha, you say . . but what about the lucky, lucky few who have 'Walkman' style audio players? Let's ask this hired actor in a laundramat . ."
"The Paginator 2000"
(Perfect Entertainment Cassette)
Special thanks to Isaac Asimov and Harlan Ellison for the key points.
( 6 minutes - 2.5 meg .mp3 )

 Where Are We ?

Don Juan In Hell - Part One ||
(45 minutes - 83.2 meg - .mp3)
Act 3 of "Man And Superman" by George Bernard Shaw.
A weird conversation about nearly everything, shared by
three opera characters and the devil himself.
Fantasy philosophy with echoes into the digital age of virtual worlds.

 In Hell

Don Juan In Hell - Part Two ||
(50 minutes - 93 meg - .mp3)
Amazingly astute observations of the human condition
from more than 100 years ago.
MMO's and digital spaces online . . . Something feels oddly familiar here.

 Goon Show Nightmare part 1

Goon Show Nightmare part 1 ||
A poor, but sincere imitation and tribute to " The Goon Show ".
It's performed as a dream and shamelessly steals their jokes.
( 16 min. 19 seconds - 6.54 meg .mp3 )

 Goon Show Nightmare part 2

Goon Show Nightmare part 2 ||
( 7 min. 46 seconds - 3.11 meg .mp3 )

 Goon Show Nightmare part 3

Goon Show Nightmare part 3 ||
( 8 min. 53 seconds - 3.56 meg .mp3 )

 Heaven and Hell Part 1

The Tale of Heaven and Hell - Part 1 ||
A Medieval story about one human being selected from
all who ever lived, taken on a special journey.
( 5 min. 23 seconds - 2.33 meg .mp3 )

 Heaven and Hell Part 2

The Tale of Heaven and Hell - Part 2 ||
I heard a version of the story when I was in my teens.
( 3 min. 4 seconds - 1.3 meg .mp3 )

 Heaven and Hell Part 3

The Tale of Heaven and Hell - Part 3 ||
'Decided to write a "Bard" version of it.
Not comedy, but a very much needed lesson these days.
( 4 min. 28 seconds - 1.9 meg .mp3 )


Dragnot ||
A mini-story done for a podcast called "Dragon's Landing"
They had a mascot called Chupa Bob (A chuppacabra).
I wrote this one in the style of the old "Dragnet" TV series. Like most of the rest of what's on this page, it's bizarre, but fun.
( 20 minutes - 18.3 meg .mp3 )

 King Mordecai of Thoth

Shakespeare Tonight! ||
Ok. This one is weird. and VERY "Niche"
I wrote a specialty talk show episode covering the film release of a newly discovered Shakespeare play.
The bit was done for a podcast called "Fist Full of Comics (and Games)".
The play is a tragedy based on a King that goes mad, having dreams of Marvel and DC
superheroes, and traveling his lands to find the source of his visions.
All the while he starts cosplaying a mix of all the super hero characters he sees in his dreams.
I went very deep into it, even going so far as to write the film's dialog in iambic pentameter.
I'd love to have that kind of time on my hands lately.
Again . . . Bizarre, but fun.
( 15 minutes - 8.57 meg .mp3)

 Polonius Then

Polonius Then ||
A father's advice to his son before sending him off to school in France.
Arguably, the only genuinely wise things he has to say in the entire text of HAMLET.
(1 minute 30 seconds - 606k .mp3)

 Polonius Now

Polonius Now ||
Same advice, but from a much different father, 400 years later.
( 4 minutes - 1.62 meg .mp3 )

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