I used to be an actor. I was paid for it even.
Now I'm a has-been what don't get paid no more.
Here's some movies.

 Too many years ago

Still shot from a video I did in 1986 ||
I used an online service to make it talk. I think that if the
young man in the picture could see me now, he would be horrified.

( 14 seconds )

 'Still have all this stuff

Shovelling STAR TREK out of my basement ||
Lots of boxes in my basement were opened in 2017.
Coral reefs grow by steady, slow accumulation. So does a nerd's collection.

( 6 minutes )

 Garbage. No...Really. It's about garbage.

Stadium Talk ||
Snippet from a Public Service Video
"Recycling Revolution"
Spring 1986 - They just wanted a visual to push home the point. ( 39 seconds )

 Hiya KATE

First Impressions ||
"Taming of the Shrew" - Petruchio meets Katherine.
'Played him once in college. 'Got a chance to play him again in a community theater.
'Couldn't resist. - Sept 29th  1990
( 7 minutes 28 seconds )

 Young, Playing at Being Old

Young -Playing Old. ||
Local Comedy - Local Stage - The play was called "Wrinkles". Not a bad story. I was originally in a staged reading of it. Then they went to produce it. The guy who took this role had to be let go 'cause he couldn't remember his lines, and also claimed some kind of sudden malady that prevented him from doing it. That was about a week before opening. The author requested that I do it instead. ( I was also notorious for getting 'off book' on very short notice.)
( The look was passable, but I should have shaved my head )
February 16th 1991 - 8 minutes 10 seconds

 I also sucked at retail in real life.

Retail Slave Response ||
( The situation has nothing to do with retail, but it's the best line written in the show. . . my opinion.)
"Sunday In The Park With George"
Why I Always Sucked at Retail Sales Jobs.
( 48 seconds )

 Song and Dance Stuff

Texas has a reputation. || "The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas"
I played a screaming idiot named Melvin P. Thorpe in white pants and big white wig.
I'd guess that this pre-dates Tucker Carlson's "spew hate for money" behavior by 20 years at least.
January 1st 1989 - ( 6 minutes 18 seconds )
'Begins in blackness. 'Nothing wrong with your monitor.

 The Rothchilds

Proud to have shared a stage with all of them. ||
"The Rothchilds" Banker scene with Rob Reynolds, Paul Whelihan and Bruce Adler.
( 3 Minutes - 42 Seconds )


Not Me Parading My Narstalgiacism. ||
This is a recent video "Post Card" I made after a few weeks
of YouTube tutorial studying and modeling in BLENDER.
I sent it to co-workers during my 2020 COVID furlough.
( 2 minutes - 10 seconds - 26.6 meg )
The inserted rogue figure and her motion capture are from: mixamo.com
And here's a link that will send you to Apple music, where they will RENT
you the privilege of listening to some of the 2004 World of Warcraft soundtrack.
You're welcome DMCA record labels.
You paid good money to purchase that law, so . . . No charge.

 Critmas 2015

The High Point of My Year In 2015 ||
I can hardly believe this was six years ago already. ( At the time of this posting. )
I put it on this page for quick and easy retrieval when I want to feel better about the future.
I loved these kids from the very first stream I watched in their first campaign.
If you have no idea what "Critical Role" and "Critmas" are, click here:Background story for this video.
( 4 minutes - 32 seconds 113 meg )

 50th Show Gifts

I had Too Much Fun The First Time, So I Did It Again In 2016 ||
This is much like the first "Critmas" video above, but it was a celebration of their 50th episode. Click here to see what was being passed around: Their Clocks.
( 1 minute - 36 seconds - 35.8 meg )

 Sandwich - Coffee

The IT Crowd - Coffee Joke ||
It's not my work in any way, but I like having quick access to it here.
It's not Shakespeare. But it makes me laugh.
( 33 seconds )
'Don't know "The IT Crowd" ? It's old. It's hysterical. Where have you been?
I'll put this link here: ( No kick-back from Amazon to me. It's just the right thing to do. )

  True-Space Dragon - 1990's

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