D&D - 5e - Anim5's Alternative d100 Mad Magic Consequence Table.
Version 1.0 July - 2018
“This table was originally written to provide insane, but humorous backlash, assistance or side effects from the use of a cursed magic weapon. I see little reason why it couldn't be used as a random source of RP lunacy under other conditions or reasons. Please enjoy!” - Anim5
1 ( wow ) - At the conclusion of combat, the entire party are brought to a pocket dimension for a face-to-face interview with the soul inhabiting the Mad Magic item. If this table is being used for a sorcerer's wild magic results, then the party is simply transported to a steambath spa where they are served coffee, tea, ale and cashew paste on fresh baked bread. The duration of this event and the demeanor of the "Mad Magic Being" are entirely up to the DM.
2 (Delayed Compel) - Trigger Character must whine like an annoying, over-tired grade school brat when next encountering a city guard or watchman.
3 (Battle Buff) - Trigger Character's mouth becomes a firehose of lost socks from the multiverse. Everytime his/her mouth opens, socks of every size and type blast out by the THOUSANDS being shot fountain-like in a 15 foot cone. Enemies within the cone have disadvantage on ALL attack rolls. Lasts 1d4 minutes. DM rules whether the socks continue to exist on this plane after combat. Players decide whether they want their characters to TOUCH them at all, let alone gather them for anything.
4 (GIFT!) - Roll to select party member. At the conclusion of combat, an object drops at the feet of the selected party member. Character is now the proud owner of the "Aroma Weave Cape of Cherry Maple ". When worn, it exudes the pleasant aroma of a fine pipe tobacco shop. Detectable by all creatures within a 10 foot radius. ( Including the character ).
5 (Compel) - At the end of combat, the Trigger Character MUST tear a hole in one of the slain Enemies with his/her bare hands and then try to crawl through it. If the slain enemy was gaseous or non-corporeal, then the character must dig and scratch at the spot where the enemy was slain and suffer a fit of doggy barking. Compel lasts for 3 Minutes.
6 (Delayed Strange) - When next crossing the threshold of an Inn or Tavern, the Entire party will become invisible to all onlookers including THEMSELVES. ( Not their clothing or bags or weapons, just their physical bodies. It's the "Invisible Man" effect.) Lasts 1d4 hours starting with the entry to the Inn or tavern..
7 (Enemy Dies) - Enemy creature highest in the initiative order, Shouts " Orangutan ! " ( in its own language) and Dies instantly by doing a half-backflip onto its own head cracking it mightily. ( If the Enemy creature has no head, then it is crushed into a golf-ball-sized sphere.)
8 (Strange) - Instead of words...The entire party will hear Ethereal, Strange, OTHER WORLDLY music BOOMING from inside their mouths every time they try to speak. Probably ABBA, Bowie or Queen. Effect lasts 1d20 minutes. ( If the players want a hit, they gotta' make it fit...so we'll cut it down to 3:05.)
9 (Delayed Compel ) - The Trigger Character will greet the next three non-hostile NPC's by attempting to knead their faces like dough. It will seem as polite and normal as a handshake to the Trigger Character.
10 (Battle Buff) - Roll to select party member. Character is transformed into a Triceratops. Lasts 1d6 hours or until the Triceratops is taken to zero hit points. Clothing, armor and equipment are absorbed into the new shape.
11 (GIFT!) - Roll to select party member. At the conclusion of combat, and object drops at the feet of the selected party member. Character is now the proud owner of "The Talking Gourmet Spoon of Infi-nit-picking". This Finely crafted Steel Spoon has delicate filigree carving along the handle and is remarkably durable and easy to clean. When used to eat ANY consumable, it will make each bite taste absolutely fantastic. Even the poorest cook's efforts will be transformed by this spoon into the pinnacle of stews, porridges or hash. It DOES come at the price of relentless, continual nagging at the character while it is being used to eat. Posture, clothing, diet, hair care, equipment maintenance . . . relationships, simple interactions with NPC's, the nearby surroundings . . . . ALL are targets of criticism and unwelcome judgments. This is audible to every sentient creature within 5 feet of the lucky recipient. Bon Appetit !
12 (Compel) - Trigger Character feels DEEPLY Compelled to pay 1 Gold per sentence to everyone within earshot who listens while they speak. Last 1d6 hours.
13 (Delayed Strange) - The next small town visited by the party will have a set of bronze statues perfectly matching them in their present appearance, right down to the armor and equipment. The Statues will have been in that town for well over 150 years. No resident of the town will know or remember why the statues are there, only that the figures depicted were magnificent heroes and saviors of the town somehow. The statues will last indefinitely but will manifest in ONE town only.
14 (Enemy Dies) - Enemy creature highest in the initiative order Dies instantly by suddenly transforming into "A Big Jam Donut With Whipped Cream On Top". ( It was one of Whistler’s. )
15 (Strange) - Entire Party now appear to all creatures including themselves, as Coffee Cakes, Bear Claws, Jelly Donuts and Dunkin' Munchkins for 1d6 hours. Change is visual only.
16 (Delayed Compel) - Roll to select party member. When speaking to the next 4 non-hostile NPC's, Character MUST stretch out with both arms above the head . . . waving a fork or spoon in each hand as if they were flags.
17 (Battle Buff) - Roll to select party member. Character is transformed into a 5 foot by 5 foot cube of Red-Hot Molten Glass. All of the original character stats will be unchanged, except: This Cube will have a Speed of 30 feet and a +10 Grapple attack that will deal 8d12 Fire damage on a hit. An enemy creature that is grappled will take an additional 20 points of Fire damage at the beginning of its next turn and may roll to escape the grapple ( if still conscious.) Successful Cold attacks against the cube will increase its AC by +4. Lasts until the end of combat.
18 (GIFT!) - Roll to select party member. At the conclusion of combat, an object drops at the feet of the selected party member. Character is now the proud owner of "The Aromatic Cape of Jolly Joe Java". It exudes the pleasant aroma of a fine gourmet coffee bean shop. Detectable by all creatures within a 10 foot radius. ( Including the character ).
19 (Compel) - Roll to select party member. At the end of combat, Character is convinced that his/her footwear is slowly chewing off his/her feet. Lasts 1d4 minutes.
20 (Delayed Strange) - Upon entering the next temple, monastery or holy place that has stained glass windows . . .The stained glass will all be transformed into badly duplicated, amateurish, crappy replicas consisting of dried macaroni glued to thick parchment.
21 (Enemy Dies) - Enemy creature highest in the initiative order Dies instantly when the fresh corpse of its very first victim is plucked out of the past and emerges 5 feet away from it out of thin air, SLAMMING into it at 200 miles per hour.
22 (Strange) - Roll to select party member. When combat concludes, character will disappear from the current plane and be transported to the ruins of Angkor Wat for 1d4 minutes.
23 (Delayed Compel) - Roll to select party member. Upon entering the next Inn or tavern, the Character will suddenly SCREAM with great passion and conviction, " I DO NOT HAVE COOTIES ! "
24 (Battle Buff) - Roll to select party member. Character now wields a Steel, Dog-Head Shaped Fire Hose Nozzle that shoots BOILING TAR. Range 60 feet. 5 foot wide straight line. (Does 4d12 Fire Damage + 4d12 Acid Damage) (Targeted Enemy must succeed on a DC 20 Dexterity saving throw or take full damage. Half-Damage on a success.) No disadvantage on attacks against creatures in melee range. Lasts 1 turn.
25 (GIFT!) - Roll to select party member. At the conclusion of combat, an object drops at the feet of the selected party member. Character is now the proud owner of "Tentegel's Tourist Trap". A compact ball of tightly wrapped steel wires that fits in one hand. When placed near the entrance to any town, village or city . . . It will Spring to full size and become a barred cage trapping visitors who have never slept overnight in that location before and who came within 10 feet of the trap. Cage has no door, and remains solid and confining for 1d6 minutes. ( Note: Neither the owner of the trap nor the rest of the party are immune.)
26 (Compel) - Roll to select party member. At the conclusion of combat, Character will point to every article of clothing they have on, which does not match the color of their shirt. Character must then Confess deep shame over each item in violent sobbing. Lasts 1d4 minutes. ( If the character is a shirtless, loin-clothed barbarian or the like, then that character will point at ANOTHER member of the party and point out THEIR unmatching garments.
27 (Delayed Strange) - When next the party are all sitting at one table for a meal, a 'Barbarian Shop Quartet' will appear among the cups plates and dishes. Four Wicked-Looking and Mighty Barbarians ( each about 7 inches tall ) will appear on the table and begin harmonizing an old favorite battle song, while leaping into and STOMPING on each Player Character's food. The damage and the tiny Barbarians are real..and all surrounding creatures can see and hear them. Lasts 60 seconds or until the Barbarians Leap off of the table into another dimension.
28 (Enemy Dies) - ENEMY creature highest in the initiative order DIES instantly when thousands of lost pens and pencils from across the multiverse appear around it in a cloud-like cluster and suddenly, simultaneously, STAB inward violently, piercing through to the opposite side. DM decides if the lost pens and pencils remain on this plane.
29 (Strange) - At the end of combat, Trigger Character's nose twists (painlessly) upside-down over the course of 30 seconds or so, and will remain that way for 1d6 days.
30 (Compel) - Roll to select party member. At the end of combat, Character is fully convinced that multiple views of the full scene of his/her loss of virginity are being displayed in "moving pictures" on his/her back. Lasts 1d4 minutes.
31 (Battle Buff) - Roll to select party member. Character is transformed into a Colorful and Festive Pinata of him/herself. The next enemy to make a successful attack whether with a weapon or spell, ranged or melee, will take 10d6 lightning damage radiating from the smashed Pinata. Pinata will absorb up to 160 points of damage from enemy attacks. Lasts until the end of combat or until the selected party member pinata takes more than 160 damage. Character will return at the same number of hit points he/she had before becoming a deadly electric party favor.
32 (GIFT!) - Roll to select party member. At the conclusion of combat, an object drops at the feet of the selected party member. Character is now the proud owner of: "The Betty Effing Bukkly Boots of Stair Dancing". If worn while the character is on ANY set of stairs, a top hat and glossy black walking stick will appear in her/his hands. Character can now FLAWLESSLY ascend or descend the stairs while executing turns and high kicks. Hat flourishing and Cane Twirling are optional.
33 (Compel) - At the end of combat, If the Trigger Character is within 30 feet of a bush, shrub or houseplant, he/she, MUST remove coat or cloak and dress the plant. Compel ends 30 seconds after completing the task.
34 (Battle Buff) - Roll to select party member. All of the Character's skill modifiers are DOUBLED. Lasts 1d4 minutes.
35 (Enemy Dies) - ENEMY creature highest in the initiative order is transformed into an "Arctic Blow 9,800 BTU 230V Window-Mount Air Conditioner". This bizarre, unrecognizable alien item weighs 160 lbs. Effect is permanent
36 (Strange) - Roll to select party member. At the end of combat, Character finds that a hand-sized version of herself / himself is standing on each shoulder. The left version has Horns and the right has a Glowing Golden Halo. All other creatures nearby can see them too. NEITHER of the small figures whisper in the Character's ear. Instead, the Horned One Screams out the Character's darkest, most diabolic and lowest intentions, insults or fleeting thoughts. The Holy one Sings out the Character's Finest Aspirations and moment-to-moment virtues and Unselfish decisions. These small figures cannot be destroyed or removed without ripping off the Character's head. Effect lasts 1d4 days.
37 (Compel) - At the end of combat, A pail of Bright green paint appears in the Trigger Character's grasp, along with a large brush. It suddenly becomes an urgent matter of Life-and-Death for the Trigger Character to apply at least one coat of this paint to all members of his/ her party in order to "Save" them. Effect lasts until all party members who can be reached are painted...or until the Trigger Character is struck unconscious. Removing the brush or pail from the Character's hand causes another to appear in its place. The paint is . . .well . . .paint. Not harmful, but Real...and does not go away when the effect ends.
38 (Battle Buff) - Roll to select party member. Character is instantly transformed. His/Her physical body now consists of tough, blue plastic. ( of the same hardness as a classic, little green "army man" soldier ).Character remains fully conscious and maneuverable. All stats remain unchanged. However...the character is IMMUNE to piercing and bludgeoning damage, but vulnerable to fire damage. Lasts 1d4 minutes.
39 (GIFT!) - Roll to select party member. At the conclusion of combat, an object drops at the feet of the selected party member. Character is now the proud owner of "The Bump-and-Grind Gloves of Strip-O-Nesia" (+1 to Dexterity Modifier ). If worn while entering any public area with more than 5 NPC's within 60 feet, the character will be irresistibly compelled to find the closest standable surface that can serve as a stage, ( this can be a table at an inn, a crate by the docks or an Altar in a temple.) Once balanced on this spot, the character will begin a slow lascivious striptease dance, dropping all worn items one at a time. Musical accompaniment will cause the character to have advantage on saving throws to resist interference. The Character will continue the strip routine unless forcibly held down and STOPPED by nearby creatures or party members. Upon completion of the Striptease..either through total wanton disrobing or a successful grapple to STOP it...The Character will have no recollection of time or actions beyond stepping onto the makeshift "Stage".
40 (Compel) - Roll to select party member. Character begins describing her/his actions and the actions of the rest of the party, no matter how simple and mundane - using EPIC third-person narrative language as if it were being recorded in legend. Character may intersperse the descriptions with vocalizations of an orchestral accompaniment, complete with kettle drums and a full chorus, worthy of any over-the-top historical adventure film or documentary. Lasts 1d12 hours or until the character is punched unconscious.
41 (Battle Buff) - All party members are restored to full hit points, spell slots, Ki . . or any other benefit acquired from a long rest.
42 (Enemy Dies) - The enemy creature highest in the initiative order is transformed into a 30lb.burlap sack filled with penny whistles, pinwheels, carved wooden ducks and packets of dried fruit jerky. If that creature is dead, the effect passes on to the next enemy creature in the initiative order. If ALL enemy creatures are dead, the effect will carry over to the next hostile encounter.
43 (Strange) - Roll to select party member. Character becomes 2 dimensional. Fully awake, aware and alive, and with all stats and attack damages functional, but as flat as a foam board cut out. Lasts 1d12 hours.
44 (Compel) - At the end of combat,Roll to select party member. Character must end EVERY sentence by striking an heroic or heavily dramatic pose. Lasts 1d8 Days.
45 (Battle Buff) - Entire party are transformed into tattoos placed in the center of the back(s) of enemy creatures. Tattoos last 15 minutes. All party characters are then restored to their normal physical condition directly behind and out of sight of the creature that wore their tattoo. All party members now enjoy a surprise attack round, rolling with advantage. Initiative then passes back to the Trigger Character who may be granted any remaining movement or bonus action untaken. ( If an Enemy NPC is gaseous or non-corporeal, the character appears as an untouchable Waving Flag Visual emerging from the top of the creature instead of a tattoo.)
46 (GIFT!) - Roll to select party member. At the conclusion of combat, an object drops at the feet of the selected party member. Character now owns "The Wooden Egg of Midnight Surprise". A sharp, sudden, Ear-Splitting Dynamite Level explosion will be heard precisely at midnight, originating from 8 feet above the head of the owner. (No light, sparks, smoke or damage of any kind occurs.) Sleepers must roll a DC-15 Con saving throw to avoid pants soiling and 1d6 psychic damage from adrenaline overload and ringing in the ears. The shattering sound will either be confined to within 20 feet of the party, or be heard for as far away as 5 miles. 50% either way.
47 (Compel) - Roll to select party member. Character must begin and end every sentence with spooky, loud, ghostly moans. Character will not realize this is happening. Lasts 1d12 hours.
48 (Strange) - Roll to select party member. At the end of combat, Character becomes a clean, blank parchment journal. Cover matches an amalgam of their clothing and armor. Any attempt by the character to speak will appear as neatly penned calligraphy in the journal. While in book form, the character has full sensory awareness of surroundings, but can do nothing other than emote and respond through the written words on its pages. Lasts 1d4 hours.
49 (Enemy Dies) - All remaining Enemies in combat fall in adoration of the party as Gods. The adoring creature(s) will experience severe remorse for any violent actions toward the party. Devotion and obedience are ABSOLUTE. Lasts 1d20 hours.
50 (Strange) - Entire party and every sentient creature within 60 feet of them can hear a Sitcom "laugh track" which sounds off at the end of every spoken sentence. ( These dice were rolled before a live studio audience ) Lasts 1d4 minutes.
51 (Compel) - Trigger Character must begin every sentence with an outrageously high pitched voice and trail to the end with their LOWEST pitch possible. Lasts 1d4 hours
52 (Battle Buff) - Roll to select party member. Upon the beginning of that character's next turn, he/she will suddenly be loaded inside an immense circus cannon and be FIRED at a single enemy creature of his / her choice. The "attack" will auto succeed, and the enemy will take 10d10 bludgeoning damage and be knocked prone. If the effect takes place indoors, there will be structural damage to the surroundings in order to accommodate the size of the cannon ( about 20 feet long, 10 feet high and wide ). Cannon will disappear after firing. Character will take no damage from being the projectile and will have an Action, full movement speed, and bonus action after the impact.
53 (GIFT!) - Roll to select party member. At the conclusion of combat, an object drops at the feet of the selected party member. Character is now the proud owner of "Pete's Powerful Pouch of Plenty". A 3 foot by 3 foot dark blue fabric bag that folds flat. The lucky owner will be thrilled and delighted by the bountiful gifts of this miraculous bag, provided that their heart's desire is a 7 foot tall, brown, dead Christmas tree. Embroidered on the outside of the bag, are 100 white silhouettes of small pine trees. Perceptive characters will note that for every dead, crumbly, needle-shedding tree pulled from the bag, one of the white emblems turns black. The bag will accept NO items any creature tries to put INSIDE it, and will disappear once the final tree is drawn.
54 (Compel) - Roll to select party member. Character can only speak while chewing food. All attempts to speak while NOT chewing food will result in long, slow ghostly moans. Lasts 1d12 Days.
55 (Strange) - At the end of combat, The Entire party have their Intelligence Score lowered to 6. The results should best be described as "Cartoon Stupid". ( The party will have full recall of everything said and done while they were in this state.) Lasts 1d12 minutes.
56 (Enemy Dies) - ENEMY highest in the initiative order Dies instantly as a fierce wind sweeps back all creatures surrounding it and a 2x scale granite statue of the Trigger Character comes screaming out of the sky ( or cave roof....or indoor ceiling ) smashing the thing like a million-pound-sh*thammer. Impact in natural terrain leaves a 10 foot deep shaft smashed into the dirt or rock. In structures, all floors are pierced straight through to the building's foundation.
57 (Strange) - At the end of combat, Roll any die to determine dry weather (even) or torrential rain (odd) when . . .The Entire Party is teleported to invisible seats on a completely INVISIBLE rollercoaster ride, positioned over the middle of the nearest ocean. All are swept, rocked, dipped, whipped and plummeted through the full length of a terrifying roller coaster experience, coming VERY near the ocean waves.... and when the ride ends..ALL are teleported back to the precise spot where they were standing, landing there after a light bodily toss of 1 foot into the air.
58 (Compel) - At the conclusion of combat, Trigger Character falls into a fetal position and has a nightmare of being picked up and teethed on by a giant baby. Lasts 4 minutes.
59 (Battle Buff) - Roll to select party member. Character is transported to be within Melee range of an enemy of her/his choice. Character is now equipped with an otherworldly "magical" weapon called a 'Chayne Sawe'. Any attack with it auto succeeds and the enemy takes 5d20 slashing damage. Chayne Sawe disappears after use. Lasts 1 turn. Character has full movement speed available after the attack and any remaining bonus action.
60 (GIFT!) - Roll to select party member. At the conclusion of combat, an object drops at the feet of the selected party member. Character is now the proud owner of "The Big Boy's and Girl's Book of Annoying Spells". This is a coloring book with pages that can be torn out and crumpled by anyone in order to cast the following spells on someone within 30 feet.: Banged funny bone. ~ Pain of nose-hair pull. ~ Impressive Nosebleed. ~ Dust Fleck In The Eye. ~ Sudden Jock itch. ~ Clumsy Wet Food Drop. ~ Paper cut. ~ Stubbed Toe. ~ Ice-cream headache ~ Multiple Sneeze Fit. One page per spell. Book evaporates when the last page is torn out. Wizards attempting to COPY these spells will fail, suffer all of them at once and spend four weeks of waking up with a greasepaint mustache drawn on their face.
61 (Compel) - If an attempt is made to speak, Trigger Character may only communicate with tender lullabye lyrics and fairytale rhymes. However... the phrases must be delivered as if every word threatens the party with a gruesome, slow, horrible DEATH ! ( Lasts 1d4 hours or until the character is punched unconscious. )
62 (Strange) - ALL Combatants are relocated across the multiverse onto the bridge of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 until the end of combat. [[ Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Chekov, Uhura, Sulu and Ensign Redshirt Jablonski are transported to a train station in 1927 Copenhagen where nothing in particular is going on. Jablonski gets hit by a train anyway.]]
63 (Enemy Dies) - Enemy highest in the initiative order Dies within 6 seconds as it becomes stuffed into the cylinder of a giant garlic press and squeezed through the holes. Garlic Press will assume a size suitable to the size of the enemy creature. Weapons, Armor and Large items will be destroyed. If there are Coins or Gems on the victim, they will be intact among the "goo". Garlic press will disappear when the gruesome work is done. If the Enemy Creature is gaseous or non-corporeal it will be compacted and frozen into the shape of an ice cube and fed to a sno-cone machine.
64 (Strange) - At the end of combat, Roll to select party member. Character is transformed into a small gnome with an OUTRAGEOUSLY deep, Booming voice. Character Stats remain un-changed, but the transformation leaves all armor, clothing and weaponry at its original size (usually far too big). If the selected character is already a gnome, then he or she is transformed into an anvil. Lasts 1d4 hours.
65 (Compel) - Roll to select party member. At the conclusion of combat, the character is now staggeringly Inebriated. Character is SO drunk that All nearby creatures, living or dead will appear as an imaginary drinking buddy named "Manny". Lasts 1d4 hours
66 (Battle Buff) - Trigger Character will have Flight upon his/her next turn (speed 60) and a free Disengage action. Lasts 2 turns.
67 (GIFT!) - Roll to select party member. At the conclusion of combat, an object drops at the feet of the selected party member. Character is now the proud owner of "Donnegal's Dire Didgireedoom" - Musical instrument. When played, it will produce a loud symphony of roars, squeeks, barks, howls and shrieks from all known wild animals of the world. All normal sized flies, gnats and mosquitoes within the audible range of the instrument will drop instantly dead. No other type of insect is effected.
68 (Compel) - At the conclusion of combat, the Entire party is struck with extreme, malignant pun paralysis. No party member may move from the spot they are standing in, until they make an attempt at a bad pun or amusing quip based on the recent death(s) of the ENEMY NPC(s). The character is released from restraint at the discretion of the DM and Players who will judge the "quality" of the remark.
69 (Strange) - Trigger Character's hair, or scales, or horns will leap off of his/her head and burrow into the ground or slip under the floorboards. 'Will return in 1d6 hours and re-attach as if nothing has happened.
70 (Enemy Dies) - Entire party are transformed into tiny gemstones embedded in the Digestive tracts of all remaining enemy creatures still standing. Gemstones should be evenly distributed among the hostile creatures. After 11 minutes characters reform instantly to their original size exploding the enemy from within. ( Each party member suffers 1hp of bludgeoning damage as a result of this brutal and picturesque bursting.) If the enemy creature is gaseous or non-corporeal, the player character phases out of this plane for 11 minutes, then suddenly appears beneath the enemy as a 2-horse-power Industrial Shop Vacuum with an exhaust hose that vents to the Astral Plane. Character will return to normal when the Enemy creature has been vacuum vanquished.
71 (Strange) - At the end of combat, All weapons owned by the Trigger Character are transformed into baby Sloths for 1 minute. Effect is visible to all.
72 (Compel) - At the end of combat, the entire party feel urgently Compelled to form an acrobatic pyramid centered where the Trigger Character is standing.
73 (Battle Buff) - The weapons of ALL enemy creatures within 120 feet are transformed into salted and compressed cornmeal, cellulose and wood fiber. ( They are now essentially weapon replicas made out of delicious CORN CHIPS ) Attempts to attack with these weapons will result in their crumbling to bits. Any further attacks by the enemy creatures ( unless they are spell based ) will have to be unarmed melee attacks unless the creature takes an action to find an improvised weapon close by. If the enemy creatures are non-corporeal then they turn into 5 gallon tubs of Salsa dip. If the enemy creatures are of an animal nature, then their attacking physical features (horns, teeth, claws, pseudopods etc.) are transformed to corn chips. If an enemy creature attacks only with spell casting, then their head becomes encased in a solid block of fruit jerky at the beginning of their next turn.
74 (Strange) - For 2 Days, Regardless of Species or footwear, the Trigger Character leaves 1 inch deep dinosaur tracks ( roughly double the size of their real feet ) wherever she/he walks.
75 (Strange) - Starting with the conclusion of combat, Trigger Character moves exactly like a marionette for the next 1d4 hours.
76 (Strange) - Roll to select party member. Character suddenly has a mouth filled with fourteen gaudy costume jewelry rings, a tablespoon of ground pepper, a thumb-sized nautilus shell and a guitar pick.
77 (Enemy Dies) - ENEMY dies instantly by turning into a perfect replica of itself made out of tasteless Souvenir Stand seashell "gifts", transported from some bizarre "otherworld". The cheap bric-a-brac shapes holds together for 30 seconds before collapsing. DM decides if the Souvenirs persist in this reality.
78 (Strange) - Roll to select party member. At the end of combat, Character is transformed into a musical instrument (player's choice). All possessions are absorbed in the transformation and will return when the effect ends. Character cannot communicate unless someone attempts to play the instrument. The resulting "voice" matches the instrument. Lasts 1d4 hours.
79 (Compel) - Roll to select party member. At the end of Combat, Character MUST run to the nearest tree and trap it in a desperate GRAPPLE. If the character is in a building or urban setting or desert... then a tree MUST be sought out.( If a tree is found, grapple is successful, of course and the bizarre compulsion lasts 1d4 hours.)
80 (Battle Buff) - Entire party is suddenly seized and pulled into a circular area 60 feet across, centered to include the highest number of Enemy NPC's. If there is only ONE enemy creature, then the circle is offset for highest bludgeoning probability. The party begins moving rapidly around as if held on an invisible, high-speed "Tea Cups" ride. If the effect takes place indoors or in a crowded space...all party members take a single penalty of 1d4 bludgeoning damage as walls, stalagmites, merchants, bystanders etc. are hit. At the start of their turns, each hostile NPC within the 60 foot circle must succeed on a DC 20 dexterity saving throw or take 6d10 bludgeoning damage (half damage on a successful save). Hostile NPC's will make any attacks at disadvantage. Party members will remain swinging, spinning, whipping, full-body bashing weapons. At the beginning of their turns, Each may attempt an opportunity attack on the enemy of his/her choice at disadvantage. Enemy creatures that flee outside the 60 foot circle will take an attack of opportunity from EVERY party member, and may be range attacked afterward without disadvantage. Effect lasts until combat is ended.
81 (Strange) - Roll to select party member. At the conclusion of combat, from the Character's point of view, absolutely EVERYTHING, including the entire planet he/she is standing on, has become invisible. ( Nothing can be seen by the character but a universe full of stars.) Lasts 3 minutes.
82 (Compel) - Trigger Character is Compelled to Repeat every spoken sentence around her / him in a viciously mocking, sarcastic and exaggerated tone. Lasts 1d20 minutes or until the character is punched unconscious.
83 (Strange) - Roll to select party member. Character will appear to have a miniature roaring bonfire where his/her head should be. Change is visual only. Lasts 1d6 Days.
84 (Strange) - Trigger Character suddenly displays EVERY inner thought in bold, slow scrolling print across his/her forehead. Lasts 1d12 minutes.
85 (Strange) - At the end of combat, Entire party turns into identical copies of Sigourney Weaver. All stats remain unchanged. Lasts 1d4 Days
86 (Strange) - At the end of combat, The Entire party are transformed into metal automaton replicas of themselves. Thought processes become emotionless, data-driven and linear. Vocal interjections and responses from every hero will reflect the change. Full awareness of the transformation is in place after the transformation. All character stats remain un-changed. Perk: All are immune to psychic damage while the condition lasts. Lasts 1d6 days.
87 (Battle Buff) - Trigger Character is transformed into an indestructible Adamantium giant PIN, fixing the Enemy creature of his / her choice to the nearest solid surface ( floor, ground, wall ) like a bug in a collection. Victim creature takes 3d10 piercing damage and is incapacitated. Lasts until the Victim enemy creature is dropped to zero hit points
88 (Strange) - Roll to select party member. At the conclusion of combat, Character is instantly transported to a bizarre alternate dimension, dropping center stage in the middle of a lavish, professional production of ( CATS if the character is a Tabaxi - Les Miserables if the Character is any other species ). Remains there for 1 minute.
89 (Strange) - Roll to select party member. At the end of combat, The Character, clothing, weapons and all equipment are shrunk down. Character is now 8.34 inches tall. Weight is reduced proportionally. Lasts 1d4 hours.
90 (Strange) - At the conclusion of combat, the entire party are transformed into identical copies of Fabio. Clothing and Armor sizes alter accordingly for the duration. All stats remain un-changed. Transformation lasts 1d4 days.
91 (Strange) - At the end of combat, The organic, physical bodies of the Entire party experience normal gravity. All Weapons, Armor, clothing, worn pouches, loose items etc. are in reverse gravity and will fall UP 60 feet and hover there, if not secured or if "dropped". Effect lasts 1d4 minutes. When the magic fades, items that fell UP will plummet back down. Any party member that does not move away from a spot where an item fell 'UP' must roll a dex saving throw to beat a DC of 12 or take FULL damage from a falling weapon - or - 1d4 damage from a small item. ( half damage on a save.)
92 (Strange) - Trigger Character now "Swims" in mid-air. Breathing normally, but finding that thin air is now thick as water. On the plus side... the character can now 'swim' as high as sixty feet. On the minus side... when the effect wears off, if the Trigger Character is treading water up high in the air...they will plummet. Underwater disadvantages do not apply during combat. Lasts 1d4 days.
93 (Strange) - At the conclusion of combat, the entire party become tree trunks from the waist down, taking root in the ground or floor. Flying characters descend rapidly to the nearest rootable surface. For the duration, the fingertips of all party members will grow a fully formed pear that is shaped exactly like their freshly slain enemy. Lasts 1d12 minutes. Pears remain.
94 (Battle Buff) - Enemy highest in the initiative order receives 463 paper cuts distributed evenly all over its body. A decoratively carved, 5 gallon wooden bucket appears overhead and douses the creature with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Creature takes 1d4 Acid Damage - AND - 3d20 Force damage owing to its own screams and the disproportionate pain involved in the bizarre occurrence. Bucket disappears when emptied. If the enemy is non-corporeal or a construct, it just gets wet and smells like lemons for a while.
95 (Strange) - In a clear spot somewhere within a radius of 100 feet, physical duplicates of the entire party suddenly appear. Those duplicate bodies wear no clothing nor have any weapons or equipment. They are animated and occupied by the spirits of random dogs. These dog-driven duplicates are transported to the Feywild after 1d6 minutes.
96 (Compel) - Roll to select party member. Character suddenly begins talkin' like a 1930's Chicago Gangster (whatever THAT is). Lasts 1d6 hours.
97 (Strange) - Roll to select party member. Upon conclusion of combat, When the Character attempts to wield, use or grip an object weighing more that 1 pound... his/her arm will stretch like a rubber band to the ground until the item is released. Lasts 1d6 minutes.
98 (Strange) - At the conclusion of combat, the entire party now experiences Lunar Gravity. Objects within 5 feet of any party member also have 1/3rd weight if moved or lifted by any party member. Lasts 1d6 hours
99 - (ENEMY TPK) ALL Hostile NPC's in the initiative order suddenly feel the cold hand of oblivion grip their souls. They are each transformed into their own shape and weight in thousands of d20s which hold the shape for a moment and then rain to the ground or floor ( each die resulting in a natural "1" ). Behind them, standing 20 feet tall is the spectral shape of Wil Wheaton holding their spiritual dice in his hands and grinning wickedly. Player Characters wise enough to cast "detect evil" on these new piles of dice will see a malignant aura from each of them, pulsing like a nuclear powered lighthouse.
100 (GIFT!) - Roll to select party member - Current Trigger Character is not qualified for this gift. Selected Character is now the proud owner of "The Deadly Dagger of Donkey Snorts". (Does 1d8 damage Plus regular modifiers). This new item has all of the Mad Magic side effects of the originating object or trait. If a 100 is rolled while this dagger is in use, then an alternate item will appear instead: "The Snickering Saber of Slashiness". Does 1d10 damage Plus regular modifiers or "Wilamina's Whimsy Whammer" (mace) ( Does 1d12 damage plus regular modifiers).
"Roll to select party member " - Recommendation is that the player who placed highest in the initiative order roll a die appropriate for randomly selecting a character among the party.
"Trigger Character" indicates the character wielding, wearing or activating the Mad Magic item or trait.

Triceratops - Huge beast, unaligned - Armor Class 13 (Natural Armor)Hit Points 95 (10d12 + 30)
Speed 50 ft.
STR 22 (+6) || DEX 9 (-1) || CON 17 (+3) || INT 2 (-4) || WIS 11 (+0) || CHA 5 (-3)
Senses Passive Perception 10
Languages --
Challenge 5 (1,800 XP)
Trampling Charge. If the triceratops moves at least 20 feet straight toward a creature and then hits it with a gore attack on the same turn, that target must succeed on a DC 13 Strength saving throw or be knocked prone. If the target is prone, the triceratops can make one stomp attack against it as a bonus action.
Gore. Melee Weapon Attack: +9 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 24 (4d8 + 6) piercing damage.
Stomp. Melee Weapon Attack: +9 to hit, reach 5 ft., one prone creature. Hit: 22 (3d10 + 6) bludgeoning damage. (Provided by Wizards of the Coast under the OGL 1.0a.)
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