( I am sworn to destroy . . . The item was stolen by . . . My Sister was kidnapped by . . . etc. )

Roll one d100

1     The Demonic Bone Smashers of Darkness
2     The Bunny Headed Door Slammers
3     The Crow Faced Bottle Throwers
4     The Iguana Head Consortium
5     The Beetle Faced Parrot Poisoners of Gumby Valley
6     The Clandestine Monkey Butts of Fort Crunch Mouth
7     The Wild Eyed Porridge Eaters
8     The Mouse Minded Acolytes of the Majestic Skwenge
9     The Dance Bastards of Timberville
10     The Acapella Dragon Folk of Smack Tackle Village
11     The Shell Sucking Acolytes of the Bizmuth Lord
12     The Powder Spreading Ant Slayers of Poroon
13     The Guild of Rooster Headed Tailors
14     The Elderly Knights of Bitter Admonishment
15     The Infant Spell Casters of the Hovering Cradle
16     The Shameless Order of Hideous Fashion
17     The Social Nightmare Gang
18     The Leaping Monks of Chicken Temple
19     The Cat Headed Seaweed Worshippers
20     The Violently Disgruntled Hamster Hive
21     The Order of Heartless Orphan Cookers
22     The Spork Juggling Arsonists of Goth Cave
23     The Berry Smashing Rebels of Centaur Desert
24     The Elderly Dames of Passive Aggression
25     The Dim Cult of Tentative Gibberish Chanting
26     The Order of the Cool Robes
27     The Temple of Insulted Sand Crabs
28     The Hopeful Sisters of Fruit Sharing
29     The Twisted Army of Parchment Hoarders
30     The Foolish Believers in the Ostrich
31     The Secret Conclave of Family Obligation Dodgers
32     The Poo Slingers of Goddess Get Out
33     The Brotherhood of Non-Stop Screaming For No Reason
34     The Fire Dancing Skinny Folk of North Blinkton
35     The Evil Cheap Knock-Off Merchants of Punkopolis
36     The Wicked Badger Headed Statue Defacers
37     The Head Smacker Allegiance
38     The Moaning, Thumbless Cultists of Egg Handling
39     The Glue Coated Fabric Flinging Warriors
40     The Guild of Cheaters at Bocci Ball
41     The Cowardly Mercenaries of Hidden Grotto
42     The Shrew Headed Bug Stompers
43     The Wandering Wagoneers
44     The Bat Faced Shoplifters of Shadowville
45     The Ale Guzzlers League
46     The Bloody Order of the Murdering Skull Pirates. (Docked at Tinkler's Port)
47     The Anonymous Crowd Shouters
48     The Cult of the Spectacle Wearing Killer Orcs
49     The Running Monks of Paprika Temple
50     The Melted Candy Ant Attraction Vandals
51     The Too Much Cologne Gang
52     The Band of Arrogant Penny Beggars
53     The Shouting Table Pounders of East Pranddel
54     The Snobby Rich Plane Shifter Society
55     The Barking Mad Book Eaters
56     The Short-Tempered Barbers Sanctuary
57     The Order of the Steel Ocarina
58     The Artist's Guild of Lewd Scrimshaw
59     The Hive of Wand Burning Street Cleaners
60     The Vocal Sisters of the Habitual Platitude
61     The Talking Weasels of Lethal Sarcasm
62     The Cult of the Endless and Lame String of Excuses
63     The Tobacco Spitting Acrobats of Darkness Lagoon
64     The Plagiarizing Dog Apes of Spoon Swamp
65     The Hidden Cult of People Who Stand Too Close To You
66     The Badd Speleeng Majistraight Sosiety
67     The Ancient Order of Sincere and Confident Liars
68     The Pack of Poisonous Potion Pranksters
69     The Self Conscious Head Smashers
70     The Silent Order of Random Trap Setters
71     The Gorilla Headed Axe Throwers of Tea Town
72     The Ancient Enclave of Random Horse Shavers
73     The Bootlace Chewing Murder Gnomes
74     The Dog Headed Ink Spillers
75     The Tumbling Crocodile Assassins
76     The Traveling Tavern Repair Squad
77     The Personal Shoppers of King Occtipank
78     The Quickly Hiding Spider Cult
79     The Diminishing Order of People Who Think They Can Fly
80     The Invisible Mumbling Bear Folk
81     The Face Kicking Monks of Clam Broth Temple
82     The Uncanny Hawkmasters of Spanker Plateau
83     The Order of Indifferent Cobblers
84     The Shrieking Urchins of Cleanliness
85     The String Saving Blood Goblins of Breen
86     The Water Logged Squirrel Tamers of South Sackton
87     The Legion of Petite Brawlers
88     The Half-Assed Tree Choppers of Cade Corners
89     The Hopeful Brotherhood of Wand Repair
90     The Yodeling Jerky Chefs of Zooville
91     The Over Bathed Acolytes of Sun Dial Repair
92     The Guild of Smug Sky Gliders
93     The Humorous But Functional Skullcap Brigade
94     The Prey Mocking Forest Hunters of Sarcasm
95     The Interrupting Monks of Rude Mockery
96     The Order of Irritating Muscle Men Who Walk Backwards to Get Attention
97     The Blessed Humanoids of Continual Encouragement
98     The Proud Lute Busting Militia
99     The Nocturnal Guild of Ghost Impersonators
100     The Angelic Super Beings of Discount Healing

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